Beginner Card magic course 2020

So this year i have been teaching Beginner Card Magic as a 10 week course to 10 people and my third group have just come to the end of the course.  They have amazed me with their enthusiasm and ability and they have all come on so much perhaps you’ve been dazzled and amazed by them too !

so its now time assemble my next group of ten for the next course starting on January 13th and every Monday evening 7.30pm to 9.30pm for 10 weeks. I have some names down already but if you would like to join this class and become an expert with a deck of cards in ten short weeks let me know.

This is suitable for complete beginners and you will learn
– some brilliant card tricks, some relatively simple to do and some professional magician standard tricks.
– how to shuffle cards, fan a deck, spring a deck and an array of moves and sleights to enable you to do these tricks and many more.
– The art of showmanship, patter and the nuances of how to perform card magic. The right decks to use, card maintenance and some hidden secrets of card magic.

The cost is £100 for 10 x 2 hour sessions

This is suitable for those with an array of objectives, either just to have a fancy party piece in the locker with a deck of cards, to be able to teach ones children some great tricks, to be able to perform a short routine with a deck of cards or as a route to take card magic or magic in general more seriously.

Contact me through my website if you are interested or have any questions.

I know i’m slightly biased but i think doing this course is a no brainer and the skills you will learn can be used to dazzle and amaze people for the rest of your lives.