Professor Palmermoff Close Up Magic

Close Up Magic

Many of his stage show effects work beautifully in close up situations but there are also many more fantastic tricks and illusions that work best with an audience up close and the magic happening in front of their very eyes.

As well as performing his show at parties or on stages Professor Palmermoff is equally at home circulating guests with an array of close up tricks and illusions.

Close up effects like the appearing pile of £20 notes from lottery tickets goes down a storm as everyone loves to see money created from nowhere. The Prof also likes to perform his wine bottle from balloon illusion which tends to be a bit of a stunner and get tongues wagging.

The Prof is a highly skilled card magician and its only really in close up situations that he can truly reveal his astonishing sleights and manipulations. He can make freely chosen and signed cards disappear and reappear in incredible ways and literally amaze the audiences around him.

He also has various stunnng rope routines for different situations and his coin routines always dazzle too. He can do tricks with ordinary objects like pens which he can make appear and disappear at will or penetrate solid objects, elastic bands which pass mysteriously through each other or hypnotic matchboxes which dance on his hand. He has an incredible recycled chewing gum trick and does some extraordinary mind reading too. There’s the Bottle through the table, the pen through the leg, the coin through the trousers in fact its often hard to know where to look once the prof gets going.

The Prof also has his charming and witty banter to decorate all his tricks and illusions so all his performances will be packed full of laughter all the way. The Professor Palmermoff close up magic performance is perfect for house parties, weddings, corporate events,pubs, clubs,  restaurants or in any situation where a circulating magician can enhance or animate an event.