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Professor Palmermoff Magic Shows

The Professor Palmermoff Magic Show is superb where the audience is a mixture of kids and adults.

Quite apart from the fact that the tricks can be enjoyed by people of all ages and adults enjoy good tricks and illusions every bit as much as any child but with a mixed audience one can get humour operating on many different levels which just makes it great.

Many of the tricks from his childrens show he would perform in a family or adult show but he would typically add several quality routines just for the adults. Tricks like the producing of a bottle of wine from a balloon or the changing of some lottery tickets into real bank notes always goes down a storm. The incredible ring flight with a borrowed ring, He always likes to use a glamourous female adult assistant to help him with his comic cut and restored rope routine which always causes much hilarity, does some serious mind power spoon bending and puts a needle clean through a balloon


The Professor always shows off his stunning card slights in his show and he is always making cards appear and disappear from here there and everywhere, rising from packs, stuck on the ceiling and on the end of his finger amongst many. He includes his recycled coke can (it really is a stunner).The appearing straw (hard to believe), the torn and restored newspaper (incredible version), the multiplying bottles (the Tommy Cooper classic), the 8 ft Ladder from Toolbox (ridiculously good frankly), the cups and the balls (classic conjuring), The borrowed mobile phone inserted into a balloon (unbelievable illusion), The Rubix cube 10 second solve (stunning skill),  the pen through the leg (not for the squeamish) and the hypnotic rope (deep hypnotic trance required).


The truth is that The Professor Palmermoff Magic Show can be enjoyed by anyone of any age, its as amusing and charming as he can possibly muster and is almost 100% guaranteed to produce both laughter and dazzled faces.

The show has been and can be performed in a wide variety of situations from the very small in drawing rooms for parties of all kinds to larger halls and small theatres. The show can be performed indoors and out, its great in village halls, gardens or in marquee’s at festivals. It works very well in a comedy or cabaret environment or in a school or for a wide range of corporate engagements.


The range of situations is wide but the show is always full of dazzling effects and illusions and delivered with charm, comedy and fun!

Children’s parties adult parties, halls, schools, office parties, fayres, fete’s, parties in homes, in halls, gardens, parks, corporate fun days, the show can be performed almost anywhere!