Last week i went into a school to perform my show and it struck me that it is a fantastic thing for children in a school to see and that every school should do it.
I think schools should bring all types of shows in frankly but just referring to magic, there is so much kids can get from it apart from being entertained.
Just to see the sort of things you can do by working on your skills, to see showmanship in action and to inspire kids to entertain their family and friends with simple tricks.
I try and mix up my show with some very skilful stuff that i have worked on for years but other things that are learnable with minimal skills and pure showmanship. I would like to think that kids can see a show like mine and imagine that it is something they could aspire to do and at the very least develop a few skills to entertain those around them.
Anyway many thanks to The Pointer school in Blackheath and hopefully see you again soon.