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Hello Professor…I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous show you put on for my daughter, Zosia, and her friend Sachin at their 5th birthday party on Saturday.Everyone, young and old and inbetween had a truly wonderful time. An absolutely brilliant show full of charm and humour. I know for sure that the experience will feature in many childhood memories now and ever onwards for those kids. And i shan’t forget it either, despite my troublesome forgetfulness! Therefore, a hundred thousand thanks from me and my family and friends, and i will of course recommend you wholeheartedly anytime i hear anyone mention they need entertaining.
Very best wishes and i hope to see you again soon, Andrew.

Dear Simon, Thanks again for a great show yesterday. We all thought you were excellent and several of Jess’s classmates came up to me this morning and said they really enjoyed it (despite their heckling!). I’ll recommend you to anyone looking for children’s entertainment.
Best wishes, Claudia and Steve Woodward

Its not often you see 50 children in rapt attention one minute and explode with joy the next, but Professor Palmermoff can hold an audience of any age. With deft sleight of hand he magically manipulates the tools of his trade, making objects disappear, others reappear whilst some tricks seem to go wrong. And if you think magic is just for the kids, Professor Palmermoff’s witty delivery keeps the most cynical of adults enthralled.
Moira Tait Director, Brockley Max Festival

Hi Simon, many thanks for your show at Georgia’s birthday party. It was great – the children were enthralled by it and the adults seemed to enjoy it very much too! I thought it was great and made it a really special party. Thanks again and hope to see you soon.
Best wishes, Ayla

Hi Simon, a big THANK YOU for yesterday. Everybody enjoyed the show so much. All the parents thanked me for a great birthday party. We all had our favourite bits: me the handkerchief disappearing in your hand; Kalistah, the cards coming out of your mouth, Ebony, the water splashing on your face from the newspaper and Sunil, the transformation of balloons into Wine. It was great meeting Prof Palmermoff and you too, Simon!
All the best, Jake.

Dear Professor, thank you so much for your performance at Nathan’s party on Saturday. The Children were all enthralled, they absolutely loved it and their parents have all been thanking me endlessly for putting on such a fun party. Nathan has been trying to say woosh, woosh woosh to everything an anything ever since but to no avail perhaps we need to get him some lessons. Anyway thanks again, you were great and we’ll see you again for sure.
all the best, Emily

Professor Palmermoff was undoubtedly the most popular act in the Children’s Tent at the Hope festival. His ability to perform incredible magic tricks whilst maintaining a continuous stream of witty banter with the audience provided top notch entertainment for kids and adults alike.
Jerry Waterman, Artistic Director, The Hope Festival

A few years ago, having seen Professor Palmermoff perform at several festivals, we hired him to entertain at our daughter’s fourth birthday party. In spite of the difference in venue, from marquee to sitting room, his funny, friendly style created a relaxed and intimate atmosphere which made it an incredibly fun and memorable experience. He has amazing sleight of hand, so cards were appearing from everywhere and anywhere. He also does an incredible rope trick which was a particular favourite of mine. All in all he had an array of tricks and with some routines aimed at the very young such as the magic colouring book and some at the older ones, he left faces of all ages filled with wonder and delight. We recently saw Professor Palmermoff again at a friend’s garden party and despite being a few years older, my daughter was just as amazed and delighted as she was at four.
Sallie, Sydenham

Professor Palmermoff was the hilarious and brilliant addition to our summer garden party. He captivated all our guests, young and old, with his slap stick magic and his charming and witty humour…. I have always been an absolute fan and would highly recommend the profs wonderfully alternative magical show to anyone.
Lonneke, East Dulwich

Professor Palmermoff is a hit with the adults as well as the kids: his affable and humorous personality quickly endears him to audiences and they’re happy to see him back (we’ve booked three years on the trot); adults always appreciate a kids’ entertainer who aims the odd thing at them too. His tricks look pretty conventional but are well-executed; personally I always prefer to be baffled by a magician, and the Prof does this quite successfully in my case.

Steve Henwood, co-director, Bath Fringe festival

I cannot recommend Professor Palmermoff highly enough! We hired him for our son’s 5th birthday party & his magic show really made the party. His show was wonderful & funny , the children sat transfixed for the whole hour (pretty impressive) & all the adults really enjoyed it too.

Deborah M,  Bromley

We used Professor Palmermoff for our daughter’s birthday party and thought it was an excellent show! The kids absolutely loved it and so did the adults – It really made for a very special party. Would definitely recommend to a friend and will certainly be booking next year. Thank you!

Jen Chamlin

Hi Simon, we cannot thank you enough for a spectacular show that you put on during our daughter’s 7th birthday party. It was such a success. All your magic tricks were spot on and were such a hit with the children as well as the adults. The spontaneity of your show was amazing which kept the children engaged. Everybody had a fantastic time and were so impressed on how brilliant your show was.

Reynard – East Dulwich

Hi Prof, just wanted to thank you for the marvellous joint birthday party for Milly and her friend Ella. Thought it might be tough gig with so many little un’s but your child control was effortless. Plus the parents had fun too. Great magic tricks, funny, clever and with great charm. Thanks again Prof. Highly recommended.

Matt Watson, Forest Hill

You were amazing today, all the kids loved your show and so did the parents!!! So many people said how fab you were!!! Thanks so much. I’ve never had such an easy, almost stress free kids party!

Leonie, Telegraph Hill

I wanted to thank you so very much for an amazing show for Emily’s birthday- it was absolutely brilliant and the faces of all the assorted children should give you an indication of how well it went down. I heard the birthday girl say: ‘That was REAL magic, you know.’ No higher praise needed! And to entertain the adults too! Fantastic stuff – thank you!

Ellis, East Dulwich

A  brilliant magic show which entranced a birthday party for my 6 year old and his friends, plus their parents. I’ve also seen him do close-up magic for a friend’s birthday and that was just as impressive and congenial.

Carey Young, Camden

‘All the kids said the party was “epic” and the best party ever! Thanks Professor, very much appreciated’

Jacqueline, Bromley

Thank you Simon for a fantastic show! You made my 7 year olds party a great success with your fabulous humour and magical genius.  

Jean Clarke, Honor Oak

I booked Prof Palmermoff for my daughter’s 7th birthday party. There was a group of 20 kids aged from 6-8, boys and girls. Every single child was entranced. He kept the kids engaged and enthralled. He’s a truly brilliant magician and performer.  

Kate Farraher, Greenwich

Kids enthralled, parents highly amused, everyone thoroughly entertained. Great for My daughters party but he also did a performance at a family party for us as well and was perfect for that too. Highly recommended.  

Tim Gunning, Sydenham

Professor Palmermoff is brilliant. He held the attention of a room full of 5 years olds as well as all the parents. He also gave a lesson to a small group of 9 years olds who absolutely loved what they learnt. I would highly recommend him for any party of any age group.

Heather, Warlingham

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