What music to play at a children’s party?

Well having performed at many Children’s parties over many years i’ve probably heard every type of music you can possibly imagine from the classic kids song sing along CD on loop from a cheap CD player right up to the full on DJ blaring out house music at club volume. Obviously parties come in all shapes and sizes and at some even silence is about the perfect background music but if you are going to have music i really do recommend creating a playlist on any device and choosing the best music you think people would really enjoy and then playing it through the best music system you can muster.
I am very much a magician and like to really just be a magician when performing at parties but i am asked to provide the music sometimes and being a bit of a musician too, i do have a pair of portable PA speakers with an in built mini desk that i use to play my piano through when i’m performing with my jazz piano trio. These sound superb and any device plugged into these sounds brilliant and with lots of groovy tracks playing it really does enhance a party.
Obviously we all have different tastes in music but i think we all want to hear good quality sound what ever the choice of music would be. Its worth making an effort to get a good system and select a good playlist, the effect on the ambience of the party is massive and its certainly what i do at the parties of my own children.
As regards the type of music, i would try and be creative, i’m not sure even very young children want to hear the same old children songs. All children are different and in fact its often good to get the children to have some input into choosing the sort of music they would like to have playing at their party though it has to be said i have been to known to ask my children’s opinion on the subject and accidentally ignore it completely!