A February weekend

This weekend i did a bit of this and a bit of that.
On Friday i did a close up magic stint at the John the Unicorn pub on Rye Lane, Peckham. I actually love doing close up magic in pubs and this pub is particularly great for doing it. Peckham is fast becoming the Shorditch of the south and the pub was full of young groovy types sat around lots of tables so it was pretty ideal for me and my tricks.
They have a back section where an engagement party was taking place. I didn’t realise as i strolled up to a group there and started my classic think of any card and i’ll find it routine but very soon the prospective groom arrived and he was well chuffed a close up magician had walked into the proceedings. Anyway i made a beautiful flower bracelet for his fiancee as a finale and that looks like a nice engagement sorted for later on in the year.
Saturday started with a show in a house in Blackheath, and a boisterous group of six year olds for Monty’s birthday. The room was great, large and spacious and and the mother did a great job as chief security officer keeping the kids in check which all helped making it a great show.
My second show on Saturday was in Brockley and oh how i love shows in Brockley. It was a house party with lots of 4/5 year olds so they were very young for me but they did come with adults which is great for me and the show.
The adults were keen to watch too and were raving about it afterwards so that all good, there’s nothing like a good local show to air your talents. Sometimes you have to almost be careful not to be too good when you are a long way from home as too many enquiries from too far away can lead to complications!
On Saturday night my band ‘The Cosmic Sausages’ performed at a 40th birthday party at the Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich. I love performing with the band and after a hard day of performing at children parties a party like that is the perfect antidote. It was a great party too with gusts from lots of different countries which is perfect for my band who pride themselves in knowing a tune from almost every country in the world (cough cough).
There was a large group of Swedish people there and they absolutely loved our Swedish song sung in Swedish, they really couldn’t believe we knew the song in question as its is a quite obscure scouting song but they were thrilled we did and loved our rendition..
On Monday i had a show in a primary school in New Cross for a group of 50 kids who had been doing a magic project. Again this was great as much as anything because children behave absolutely immaculately when their teachers are about and there was also a nice piano to play the kids and out with which i always like.
I really do think schools should book magic shows for the kids more often. It can be very inspiring for them as well as highly entertaining. Anyway thanks St James Hatcham Primary school for doing just that and hopefully see you again soon.
So that was a weekend in Feb, its nice to be busy at this time of year.