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About me

My real name is Simon Palmer and i’ve actually been a musician and entertainer for over 35 years now with various projects, some musical, some theatrical and some magical.

I come from a very musical family and my mother was a music teacher so with three other siblings who could all sing and play various instruments, entertaining was always in the family and something we always did. 

I started my performing career in the early eighties when i performed extensively playing boogiewoogie piano with a 9 piece Rhythm and Blues dance band called ‘The Jivin’ Instructors’ but as well as performing on the piano i have also always  had various comic street theatre bands on the go too.

The best known of these was ‘The Cosmic Sausages’ who travelled the streets of Europe for many years bringing their own brand of music and humour to the masses and still do.

The Professor Palmermoff Magic show was born in 1997 and inspired as much as anything by entertaining my own children and their friends who soon started showering me with bookings, well their parents did.

I have performed the show at numerous children’s birthday parties but also at weddings, christenings, barmitzvah’s, festivals, fete’s, sports day’s, fun day’s, corporate events, schools, church cabaret’s, cafe’s and pub garden’s. The Lord Mayor’s show is a regular and all manner of events big and small.


I performed at Musician ‘Stings’ son’s Birthday party and am a regular at events like The Queille Festival, The Bath Fringe Festival, The Canterbury Festival, The Hope Festival, The Glastonbury Festival and of course the Brockley Max Festival. I have performed the show many times in Europe and can perform in French and Italian as well as English though i’m not sure whether they are laughing at the accent or the gags half the time.

I still perform regularly with The Cosmic Sausages ( and continue to play Jazz and Boogiewoogie piano as well which is incredibly handy for a bit of boogiewoogie pass the parcel but i can be seen in my own jazz and boogiewoogie trio called ‘Professor Nohair and the Wiglifters’ ( as well..

More recently i have also been performing with my son Jasper singing songs of the sea, shanties and playing jigs and reels in act called ‘Commander Si and Jasper Nautical‘. You can find us in a few choice local Taverns, a few local Festivals or check us out on Facebook or you tube 

The Cosmic

When the Professor is not performing magic he can often be found entertaining the masses world wide with the infamous street band The Cosmic Sausages.

Professor Nohair and the Wiglifters

The Professor is a virtuoso boogie woogie piano player and has performed in his own boogiewoogie trio for more than 20 years.

Commander Si & Jasper Nautical

Songs of the sea, shanties,jigs and reels and bits and bobs from Comander Si on guitar and Jasper Nautical on Accordion.