Inspire and entertain with a party Magician

There are so many things children can learn from seeing a magic show apart from just enjoying all the tricks and illusions.

– The art of showmanship and putting a show together just by yourself and a few props.

– How a few skills can entertain in a powerful way.
– How often simple props can pack small and play large, there is no finer example of this than a pack of cards.

– How to use audience participation in a show to powerful effect.
– How to interact with volunteers and use them for comic affect.
– How do decorate a show with patter and comedy.
– How to deal with heckling and using it for comic effect in your show

Of course you can often say this about any show but unlike going to a theatre or any big stage these shows can be performed in small spaces, in homes and living rooms and yet still be dazzling entertainment.

I like to think watching a show like mine can inspire as well as entertain and show children how powerful a few skills, props and a bit of showmanship can be.