Ideas for games at a Children’s party

Over the years i’ve performed at many children’s parties and of course seen many many different games played at them.
I must confess i am very much a magician and i like be a magician who does a magic show rather than someone who organises games for the children. This i like to leave to the parents but i know it is daunting for some so here is a couple of ideas that i really like.
One is pass the parcel followed by the party hat game where the children use the party wrapping paper to make hats for their partners. Obviously this is more suitable for older children but the younger ones can have the hats made for them by the older ones or the adults but all in all it creates a beautiful spectacle, a lot of laughs, its creative, constructive and clears up the wrapping paper all at the same time.
Another oldie but a goldie for me is musical chairs. The saying goes ‘The old ones are the best’ but in this case i couldn’t agree more and in certain situations its just pure theatre for children and adults alike. The children particularly like watching the adults having a go and having a competitive encounter amongst themselves.
Another game is called the sofa game, where you need an equal number of boys and girls (either that or you even it up with some boys pretending to be girls or visa versa) and you need a 4 berth sofa. The idea is that the boys are trying to get four boys on the sofa and the girls are trying to get four girls on the sofa. Everyone is in a circle sat boy girl boy girl including the four on the sofa. You then write everyones name down on a piece of paper, scrunch them up and put them in a hat. You then get everyone to pick out a bit of paper so everyone becomes someone else in the room and only they know who. Starting at the person next to the sofa they say a name they’d like to swap with and that person with the new name swaps places with them. Then its the next persons go etc etc clockwise round the room including the four on the sofa. The game ends when either four boys or four girls are on the sofa.
This game works in some situations better than others and like all games they are better in some situations than others but i have to say in the right situation this one is a classic.
So there is a few ideas, i know they a few of many many different possibilities. It is not difficult organising party games and i’d advise any adult to have a go at organising a few at a party and the right ones can enhance the occasion immensely, there are literally 1000’s out there to choose from.