Kids to the office day

December is normally the busiest time of year and this December didn’t disappoint.
Amongst the usually array of party’s for young and old there was a week of visits to the city for the bring the kids to the office day. I must confess i absolutely loved those shows so a big thanks to all the companies that brought me in and what fun it was. It was nice to see people in an office drop tools and just be thoroughly entertained at work and see their kids thoroughly entertained as well.
It felt a bit like the famous Mary Poppins scene at times but fun was had by all and the shows were great. i really think offices should get entertainers in more often.
I also did a Mayfair casino kids of staff party next to the Hilton Hotel which was also great. A lot of the staff were croupiers and it didn’t take long before my card tricks had got me banned from upstairs, i had one trick in particular that had them reconsidering their profession. Many thanks to them too for a great party.