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Magic School

Professor Palmermoff started teaching card magic with a 10 week Monday night course for 10 beginners in January 2019 which was a great success. Since then he has taught three beginner card courses and an intermediate 10 week course and a new generation of card magicians has been born.

The widespread use of zoom during the pandemic then made teaching one on one  much easier, less time consuming without travel involved and has meant The Professor could share his skills far and wide.

The Professor is now  teaching both with one to one Lesson’s on Zoom or in person. These can be done at a time of your choosing, they are one hour Long and cost £30 per session. Its great to have one on one tuition though it can also be done to parents and children together. An array of stunning tricks will be learnt in no time at all and the most crucial moves required to do the very best Card tricks ever invented.

Why learn Card Magic?

Never in the field of entertainment has a prop packed so small and played so large as a pack of cards. They are found everywhere and can entertain virtually anyone.

The array of tricks is immense from very simple self working tricks do those that involve incredible levels of skill. To be able to perform with cards involves an incredible array of techniques from audience control, psychology, misdirection, comedy patter, showmanship and can help grow confidence and give you skills that can apply to all walks of life.

The tricks learnt can entertain in an incredible array of situations, can be taught to others such as your own children and really used to provide stunning entertainment until you’re old and grey.

For more information or to arrange a lesson call the Professor on 07939047780.

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