What is the best way to start off in Magic

I’ve been performing my magic show in London for over 20 years and i’ve met many children with a fascination for magic and a desire to learn how to do it..
Many have been bought magic sets with 100 effects in a box and i have to say this is not what i’d recommend to any aspiring magician. I’d almost go as far as saying they tend to put off children because its too much all at once, the props are easily lost and not really very good quality and rarely inspire a child to take it further in my experience.
When anyone is learning anything its always best to teach them in bite size portions rather than too much too soon. For this reason i would always start with a pack of good quality playing cards (Bicycle cards) and possibly a simple book about card tricks.
The truth is there is so much you can do with a pack of cards from very simple self working tricks to amazing vanishes, appearances, flourishes and shuffles, in fact there’s something for whatever level you are at. You don’t have to learn every trick in the world but just a small repertoire of effects to entertain people whenever and wherever you like.
They are very portable and you can find them almost everywhere you go.
In fact the best props to use in magic are the ones you find everywhere. I like doing a routine with a pen and a coin. You know wherever you go in life someone will have the props you need in their pocket even if you don’t have them yourself.
Every magician should be good with a pack of cards though and even the youngest child can start to develop basic skills of shuffling, dealing and playing cards games which sets them on the road to dexterity around playing cards. As they improve their skills they will find that with just a little learning they can do some very impressive and dazzling things, its amazing what you can do with just a deck of cards. Obviously there are many more props one can use but as a starting point i would most certainly recommend doing nothing more than developing skills with a deck of cards.