Which card trick to learn ?

How to choose which card trick to learn?
I have a book on my shelf entitled 1000 card tricks so how do you decide which ones to learn?
The truth is you don’t need to learn every card trick in the world and many magicians probably make the mistake of learning too many.
Obviously there are tricks for every standard of magician technically from self working tricks which require very little skill at all to ones involving incredibly complicated sleights but its important to find tricks that suit your level and your style. Its also important to find tricks that suit your patter, how you present a trick is a big part of it.

For me personally the tricks i like to do especially when I’m performing close up magic are ones that don’t involve having to put cards down on a table. The reason for this is that you don’t always have a table when circulating at parties and the other reason is that tables often have liquids or worse on the surfaces and if they get on your cards they can misbehave. If you want to do nice flourishes, fans, spreads and shuffles you really need to keep the cards in good condition so always be careful what you put them on and routines where they never leave your hands are in my opinion for this reason the best. Obviously many tricks do require use of a table and if you have one then great but its worth having some great tricks and routines for when you haven’t.
Its nice to have a routine rather than just pick card a card, find the card. Even with the most simple of tricks it is worth adding decoration and as you develop your slights use them to embellish your routines.
You will rarely be in a situation where you can do more than a few card tricks so what you want is a few very good ones rather than many different ones.
You should develop your card routines to make them masterpieces with lots of decoration with sleights, flourishes and patter.