Zoom Card Magic lessons

I am taking on zoom pupils for one to one card magic lessons and i have to say the  pupils I’ve had have been brilliant and have made startling progress.

If any children have an interest in magic then card magic is the way to go. A prop found in every home, easily carried and so versatile its become the most used prop in magic by a mile.

Cards are good for simple tricks but also for some of the most skilled tricks and illusions in magic.

They can be used to entertain just with beautiful, fan’s, flourishes and shuffles, you can learn the building blocks of magic and illusion with sleight of hand, misdirection and a plethora of devious moves.

I’ve enjoyed teaching over zoom and i find without the hassle of travel to and from lessons, pupils can slot it into their schedules a lot easier, they don’t need to burden their parents for help getting too and fro and they can enjoy learning from home. it is a seriously fun thing to learn and i try to make it as entertaining as possible. Ring me on 07939047780 for more details 🙂